Pocket City Farms is working to bring urban farming to Sydney's unused spaces.

 In June 2016 we opened our first urban farm in Sydney, at Camperdown Commons. Our farm is a productive hub the local community can gather to learn about all things farming and food growing, buy locally-grown, chemical-free produce, participate in our composting program, and take part in many workshops and events. Importantly, the farm is a place to visit, enjoy productive green space in the city, dig your hands in the soil, and learn all about where exactly our food comes from and how it’s grown!

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Our Team

Pocket City Farms is a not-for-profit established and run by a crew of skilled individuals, who are motivated and passionate about urban farming and sustainability.

EMMA BOWEN is the general manager of Pocket City Farms and a founding PCF board member. She has a background across small business, small-scale farming, urban sustainability, permaculture and education in slow living skills.

MICHAEL ZAGORIDIS is the farm manager of Pocket City Farms and a founding PCF board member. His experience is in organic, permaculture and sustainable farm practices, nourishing soil structures and local food networks.

KAREN ERDOS is a founding PCF board member and an architect across projects both large and small, with a focus on sustainable design. She also has a keen interest in permaculture, urban sustainability and farming.

LUCINDA MOLLOY is a PCF board member with an extensive background in urban planning and public policy. She has a particular interest in urban governance for sustainable communities that encourage healthy living and has done studies in permaculture and natural building.