+ How do we receive the community discounted rates?

Residents and small businesses (15 staff or less) of the following neighbouring suburbs to Camperdown Commons are entitled to 25% off the Common Spaces hire rates: Camperdown, Glebe, Newtown, Forest Lodge, Annandale, Stanmore, Darlington, Chippendale, Enmore, Eveleigh, Erskineville. To qualify as a local resident, and for the subsidised rates, a document (such as a driver’s license or electricity bill) stating your name and full address must be submitted with your booking. To qualify as a local small business, and for the subsidised rates, a document (such as an electricity bill) stating your name and full address as well as the business ABN must be submitted with your booking.

+ How do we receive the 5 hours free hire during the week for not-for-profits?

Subsidised rates are provided to not-for-profit organisations between 7am- 10pm, Monday to Thursday, and between 7am- 5pm on Friday. These subsidised rates provide free hire for up to 5 hours within the Common Room. To qualify as a not-for-profit, and for the subsidised rates, proof of incorporation must be submitted with your booking. The subsidised rate will be applied to the final cost of the hire. Regular rates apply outside of these times. If the not-for-profit is also a small local business, they may be entitled to the community rates during these times, pending proof of address. If you are a non-incorporated community group that would like to apply for this free hire, a paragraph on the benefit your group brings to the local community is requested. It is up to the manager's discretion whether this discount is provided for non-registered community groups. Please note government organisations, unless a registered NFP, are not eligible for this discounted hire.

+ How do we secure the space?

We need you to fill in a booking form, and you will then be invoiced for the room hire. Payment via EFT or credit card is required maximum one week after invoice is received to confirm the space. Any food and beverage provided by acre will require payment on the day.

+ I’m hiring the Common Room or Common Pavilion, is the courtyard included?

If you are only hiring the Common Room or Common Pavilion, the courtyard is not included in the hire. This is a ‘buffer’ space between two separate events. The courtyard is included if you hire both the Common Pavilion and Common Courtyard for the duration of your event.

+ Will we have the spaces exclusively?

Please note that these spaces are community spaces and are hired on a semi-exclusive basis. When hiring only the Common Room or Common Pavilion there may be another booking in the other space. We recommend if you’d prefer the spaces ‘exclusively’ that you hire all: the Common Room, Courtyard and Common Pavilion. Note that we cannot guarantee complete exclusivity or prevent other persons from entering the spaces. All media launches are required to book the whole space. We also recommend, but do not require, that weddings book the whole space.

+ How long should I hire the space for?

Spaces are available for hire for block bookings, being 7am-midday, midday-5pm, and 5-10pm. You can book either one, or a number of these blocks, depending on how long you need for decorating and the actual event. We recommend you give yourself a minimum of one hour for set up (this is of course dependent on your decorations, you may need more or less- feel free to ask what we recommend), and a minimum of 30 minutes to finish the event. The space needs to be completed available for the next booking by your finish time ie. 5pm. Hence, if you are booking the space from 12-5pm, do not invite guests until 1pm, and if you are booking 5-10pm, do not invite guests until 6pm. We are not able to provide access outside of your hire times due to the popularity of our spaces.

+ Can I set up or pack down before and after my booking time?

You are able to bump in only from the time of your booking, no access can be provided before this time. Be sure when you make your booking you give yourself plenty of time to set up. Likewise you're required to vacate the spaces, leaving them in the same clean state, by the end of your booking time.

+ Our event starts before 9am, will there be staff to assist?

For events beginning between 7-9am there is an additional fee of $50 per hour, charged at the time of booking, for our staff to assist.

+ Do I have to set up myself?

Acre staff will set up all furniture for you. However, any additional set up (ie AV, butchers papers) need to be done by yourself, during your hired time.

+ Is there a time my celebration has to finish?

All evening events need to end by 9.30pm to enable time to clear and pack-up the space before the venue closes at 10pm.

+ Can I drop off items the day before?

Due to our limited storage, we cannot accept any items outside of your hire time without prior approval.

+ Can I leave items to pick up the next day?

We can consider this on a case by case basis, but this is dependent on other bookings we have on.

+ We are having a two day workshop, can we leave items in the room overnight?

We consider these on a case by case basis. It is very dependent on whether we have another booking after yours, so speak to us about it and we will see what we can do.

+ What furniture is provided?

We provide 12 tables and 60 chairs in the Common Room, and 8 tables and 40 chairs in the Common Pavilion. There is no additional charge for these items.

+ Do you have AV equipment?

In the Common Room we have a screen, projector, surround sound, and ability to plug your phone into the music jack. If you need to use the AV, you will need to supply your own cords (ie HDMI) and laptop.

The Common Pavilion has a port for your music, and surround sound. This space is not suitable for a screen and projector due to lighting, but TV screens and stands work well. Both spaces have hand held microphones that can be supplied. There is no additional charge for these items.

+ Do you supply whiteboard, lectern, stage and/or flipcharts?

We don’t supple lecterns, whiteboards and/or flipcharts, but you are welcome to bring your own. You are also more than welcome to bring in butchers paper and blu tack, to stick on the windows.

+ Can we bring in our own catering?

Hirers are permitted to bring in their own food and non-alcoholic beverages, conditional upon:

  • The hirer is a Not For Profit (NFP) organisation, or,
  • The hirer is a community (local or non-local) hirer for a private social event (eg, birthday parties) of 50 people or less, between 7am-5pm Mon-Sun.
  • The hirer is bringing its own food limited to cold servings (e.g. sandwiches, dips, sweets, pastries, fruit, salads and veggies) therefore no onsite cooking/production/heating (including microwave) unless provided by Acre.
  • Food brought onto the premises based on above conditions cannot be resold or retailed on site.

Food must be carried in already prepared, no external caterer setups are permitted on-site. Please note, there are no heating or kitchen facilities on-site. A sink is available for limited washing up. No heating or cooking facilities may be brought on-site.

Absolutely no alcohol is to be brought on-site. Alcoholic beverages can be bought from acre eatery, either pre-ordered, or from the bar on the day.

For hirers bringing their own food and non-alcoholic beverages, all serving equipment must be brought in and taken off site. In keeping with our aims for improved sustainability on-site, please opt for paper and other recyclable or compostable disposable items over plastic.

+ Can I bring my own decorations for the spaces?

Yes absolutely, decorations are permitted in the space, however they must not interfere with the environment, other patrons and/or the restaurant and farm. Decorations can be secured to walls/poles with a temporary (ie. Bluetac) solution, but all residue and decorations must be removed at the end of your event. No fly away decorations are permitted; this is including but not limited to glitter, small decorations. In addition, in keeping with our aims for reduced waste and environmentally friendly decorations, the following items are banned on-site: balloons, glitter, silly string, floral foam, glow sticks, confetti. If additional cleaning is necessary due to decorations, additional charges will apply.

+ Can we have live music?

As per our lease agreement we have strict noise restrictions due to the residential area that we are located and we are very mindful of the impact of noise on our neighbours. Please note that live amplified music or a DJ is only permitted inside of the Common Room with closed doors. In the Common Pavilion, we allow background music through our speaker system. No amplified music is permitted in the outdoor spaces.

+ Can I gain access to the farm?

We are happy to discuss any requirements you may have that involves the market garden or other farm areas. Ask us in your enquiry and we can provide further information.

+ Do you have disabled access?

Yes, the whole site apart from the market garden and greenhouse is disabled friendly, with a disabled parking spot on Pidcock Street.

+ Do you have a loading zone I can bump in/out of?

We do have a loading zone, just off Mallett Street that you can use to bump in and out large items. Once this has been finished, you will need to find parking for the day.

+ Do you have parking onsite?

We do not have any available parking onsite. Parking is regularly monitored and are 2 hour limits. There’s also a Secure Carpark on Grose St two blocks away with a flat daily rate that can be utilised.

We encourage the use of public transport - Newtown Train Station is only an 8 minute walk away. Buses run frequently from Central Station down Parramatta Rd to the Bridge Road school bus stop one block from Camperdown Commons. Bus routes include: 413, 436, 438, 439, 440, 480, 483 + M10.