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Save organic, fertile and locally-adapted seeds from your veggie patch for strong future crops! Learn why seed saving is important locally and globally, and the fundamentals of good seed saving.

Saving seed from previous crops is an amazing way to preserve successful yields. In addition to this, you are completely aware of what has been introduced to your soil profile and your patch, meaning you can safely ascertain the organic quality of your seeds. 

Join us and head back to the history of seed saving across many cultures and within Australian permaculture. You'll also be enlightened about the issues relating to saving seeds today and why seed saving is the solution to many of the world's problems. 

This hands-on workshop will teach you the techniques to collect, clean and store your own seeds. Specifically you will learn how to save seeds for food and companion plants, wet and dry processing techniques and how to effectively store your seeds to maintain their quality.

Suitable for: All ages. 

Cost: $55

Provided: seeds + seed material to take home. 

Bring: Hat + bottle of water + pen and paper + old envelopes/sheets of old newspaper for taking seed material home.

Our teacher: Michele Margolis is an educator who has been teaching for 32 years. Michele trained in Permaculture with David Holmgren in 2007 and has incorporated Permaculture Principles and Ethics into her teaching. She started Inner West Seed Savers in 2009 with Jane Mowbray of City Farms and Community Gardens fame and has been running seed saving workshops since then for Council, TAFE Outreach, businesses and community organisations. Michele has years of experience as a (largely) vegetarian cook, urban farmer and Permaculture farmer taking the journey from seed to table. She is currently teaching Academic English at Ultimo TAFE.

Earlier Event: June 16