We are currently seeking expressions of interest for a position on the Pocket City Farms board of directors. If you’re passionate about bringing farming back into our cities to help create more sustainable, healthy and resilient communities, we’d love to hear from you!

The overall role of the board and its members is to contribute to shaping the role and development of Pocket City Farms within urban agriculture, local food production and building community and education.

All board member positions are voluntary with all members required to be active in their roles. Board meetings are held monthly in Sydney. The roles of the board members may include, but not be limited to, at any time; contributing time within reason to the necessary tasks involved in setting up new projects throughout the stages of planning and development, through to completion and operations, overseeing current project operations and contributing ideas and feedback, developing new ideas and structures around space use and operations, fundraising, speaking on behalf of PCF at events, contributing to good governance, building a strong network, and supporting staff members.

We are seeking expressions of interest from potential members with a legal background. We may also field expressions of interest from those with any experience in business, strategy and development, local food systems, grants and fundraising, non-profit governance, administration support, education, community projects and public policy. (Please note, that all board members must be aware of, declare and abstain from any conflict of interest.)

This is a great opportunity for anyone keen to help develop urban agriculture, and its role in local food production and community building, in Australia within a grassroots association.


Pocket City Farms (PCF) is a not-for-profit incorporated association established in 2012 and run by a board of four skilled individuals, who are motivated and passionate about urban farming and sustainability. PCF are working to bring urban farms to Sydney’s unused spaces.

Local sustainable food production close to where the bulk of our population live, is integral in securing a healthy future for our communities and our planet. Our model of farming is multidimensional – whilst growing fresh, local, organic and healthy food is at the heart of what we do, we are also aiming to make a significant impact through education and community building.

We have recently opened our first farm on the previously unused bowling greens at Camperdown Bowling Club. The farm is a part of Camperdown Commons - a community revitalisation project developed by Camperdown Project Pty Ltd in collaboration with PCF.

The Camperdown farm has become a productive hub the local community can gather to learn about all things farming and food growing, buy local, organically-grown produce and take part in many workshops and events. The bowling greens have been converted into 1200m2 of market garden using organic practices to grow vegetables, herbs and salad greens. A greenhouse grows seedlings for the market garden and for sale to the public, and a 16 m compost unit has been established for composting local food waste. The farm is a community-oriented social enterprise and open to the public as a demonstrative showcase of urban farming.

To express your interest, please email a cover letter outlining your interest in involvement and your relevant experience, with a copy of your CV to info@pocketcityfarms.com.au