meditation on the farm 

In this high speed, sometimes consuming urban environment we can forget to take a breath and simply stop for a few moments. Join us overlooking the farm and start your weeks right with our fortnightly meditation sessions. There will be two classes a month with separate focuses and intentions. With our passionate teacher, Jaye Carcary, you'll  have a chance to slow down and be present in a peaceful, community space. 


MONDAYS, 6.30- 7.30pm

$15 // Casual drop in.
Suitable for: Beginners to advanced meditators (18+).
Wear: Comfortable clothing.



Monday, 5 February
Monday, 5 March
Monday, 2 April

Join us each month as we slow down, opening up to a more mindful way of life. Let us feed your mind and body through moments of stillness, connection, and nourishment. You’ll be guided and supported by Meditation teacher, Jaye Carcary, on a journey in nature to align mind and body.

Would you like to bring more clarity and focus into your day, de-stress, all while becoming friends with your ‘monkey mind?’ This 1 hour meditation session will do just that, allowing a safe space for you to shift from a human ‘doing’, and into a human ‘being’. Today, it’s never been more important to spend time befriending your mind and body... and what better place to plant the seed of mindful presence than on the grounds of Pocket City Farms!

What you’ll experience in the 1 hour meditation session:
– 1 x mindful meditation
– 1 x creative visualisation meditation
– A mindful tasting from the farm’s harvest – Grounding in nature


nourish your soul 

Monday, February 19
Monday, March 19
Monday, April 16

Every month you are invited to gather at Pocket City Farms, to nourish and align your mind, body and soul. Journeying through guided meditations and group reiki energy healings with Jaye Carcary, connecting with the intuitive guidance that lives within every one of us.

We all have masks, or protective armour, we wear each and every day. The challenge with the masks we wear is that we can over identify with them, and in the process, disconnect from our inner voice, our soul purpose, our true self.

This one hour meditation gathering establishes a safe and sacred space for you to dissolve away the masks, and be supported by our universal energies. You will be guided by meditation and reiki practitioner Jaye Carcary, to acknowledge and release any blockages in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Explore a process of deep listening, guided meditations, group reiki energy healing, and intention setting.

What you’ll experience in the one hour meditation and group reiki session:
– 1 x connecting with guides meditation
– 1 x grounding meditation
– Group reiki energy healing (while meditating) – Intention setting


In 2015, Jaye Carcary, graduated as an accredited meditation guide and teacher, and in 2012 an accredited reiki practitioner. He is passionate about sharing these ancient therapeutic tools in a modern way, so that others can nurture and support their own wellbeing, each and every day. After 17 years in the Advertising industry, embracing a love for aesthetics and good design, Jaye now waves the wellness flag. Over the past 2 years, he has brought weekly meditation sessions to many workplaces across Sydney, from General Pants Co, to NSW Department of Justice, to agencies across the WPP AUNZ portfolio.

Today, Jaye’s aim is to share the therapeutic tools he continues to discover through own his meditation and personal development journey, empowering others to begin their own wellness journey.