Organic warre beeswax wraps and bread bag, handmade by Emily Gimellaro in NSW, in a cardboard gift box.

Organic starter pack - 1 x S, 1 x M, 1 x L. Made with organic mixed printed fabric.
Organic extra large single - 1 x XL. Made with organic mixed printed fabric.
Organic bread/produce bag - 1 x. Made with organic cotton.

(Sorry but we can't guarantee a particular print - if you'd like to leave a note with your order on preferences however we are happy to do our best to match it dependant on stock available).

Warre wraps are a sustainable and reusable food storage option. They are plastic free, non-toxic, and a simple alternative to keep your food fresh. Following simple care instructions will ensure your wraps last up to a year or more.

Emily uses a special mix of beeswax from her warre hives, tree resin and organic coconut oil on her cotton wraps. 

Beekeeping in a warre hive is as natural as it gets - no plastic frames, no chemical treatments, and no feeding the bees sugar syrup, which means the wax used to make her wraps hasn't been contaminated in any way.

How to use : Place or fold over a jar or bowl, sandwich, cheese, vegetables or leftover food. Use the warmth of your hands to mould your wrap into place. It will stick to itself and to most surfaces.

How to care for your wrap : Wash your wrap with cool water and a mild non-chemical soap with a wash cloth. Keep away from heat sources. We do not recommend using our wraps with raw meat or greasy and acidic foods.

Warre Wrap sizes are as follows:
Extra Small - 14cm x 14cm
Small - 17cm x 17cm
Medium - 25cm x 25cm
Large - 32cm x 32cm
Extra Large - 43cm x 43cm

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