Join us for fun on the farm during the school holidays! 

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Head on over to the farm for two special days of Little Farmer activities these school holidays! In these workshops children have the opportunity to explore and learn from a farm in the city. A range of workshops where kids can get their hands dirty as a little farmer, learn about seasonal crops, the world of bugs on a farm, and even meet the resident chickens!
We are running these programs in collaboration with Camperdown Commons and Camperdown Tennis for primary school children (ages 5-12). 

session 1 // wed 18 apr
What'S up with plants?

Join us on a journey through the plant world. Go on a plant hunt around the farm and in the park with magnifying glasses, to explore the many different margins and ‘designs’ that leaves have. Then compare and contrast the leaves found on the hunt and create beautiful collages with them.
8am-12pm, $50 

session 2 // FRI 27 apr
little farmer for a day

Take a tour of the farm and learn about what Autumn has to offer. We’ll talk about beneficial bugs, native plants and how the chooks are useful on the farm. We’ll paint and pot up seeds to take home and nurture!
12-3pm, $50