Our regular weekend teachers hail from one of our favourite yoga schools in the inner west, Jivamukti Yoga Sydney. 



Nori is a project manager in a design agency by day and a certified 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher, having completed his training in New York. Nori's classes maintain the authentic Jivamukti tradition and pass on the linage and inspiration of his own teachers to his students. His classes combine vinyasa sequences with breathing to encourage participants to be fully present, as well as inspiring music and spiritual insights. This approach enables students to explore their inner self and awaken their true potential.


Sas is based at Jivamukti Yoga Newtown and is an environmental biologist by day, and her classes are inspired by both scientific evidence and yogic philosophy.  There is so much we can learn by looking deep into ecology and exploring the interconnectedness of life from the micro scale up to the macro. Applying the Jivamukti method Sas joyfully plays with the intertwining nature of yoga and science. With a special interest for aquatic beings and community ecology, this permeates into Sas’ dharma (spiritual insights). Her teachings stem from detailed experimentation, learning through experience and sensation.