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We want to see more local food production, more education and knowledge shared around food production and waste, and a whole lot more community building and connections, and we can do this by developing the capacity and legislation for more urban farms in our cities. Since opening our first urban farm in Camperdown, Sydney, in June 2016 we have had some great wins on these goals. There is of course, still so much to do!
We are striving to develop further urban farms in our cities so that more city dwellers can begin to gain a closer connection with their food production, to develop our education and inclusion programs and to always ensure these programs continue to be available to people and communities that are disadvantaged. 
Your kind donations will help us continue all of this work. Thank you so much for clicking on the button below to make a contribution. 
If you'd like to discuss an ongoing financial donation, sponsorship or other contribution please get in touch at info@pocketcityfarms.com.au.