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  • Pocket City Farms 31A Mallet St Camperdown Sydney Australia (map)

2018 has brought forth an exciting collection of monthly talk series held on the farm. These nights have included and involved local and young regenerative farmers, innovative people working in food, food waste and sustainability in fun/friendly discussions and panels. Our goal is to create a community of mindful humans through connectivity and shared experience. We believe that real-life interaction, conversations and local Australian stories will allow us to do so. 

So what's the juice on all this fermenting hype? Hear from panelists who ferment their way through a variety of ingredients and end up with wildly different products - krauts, lacto ferments, pickles, breads, beers, and of course that mysterious wonder beverage kombucha.  We're planning for our final Farm Chat for the year to be extra festive. You'll learn new things about the magic of fermentation, how important it is to health as well as for processing abundance at the end of a harvest, and hopefully go away pretty keen on trying some countertop fermenting yourself.

Cost: $20

Provided: First Young Henry's beer on arrival + snacks

Bring: Coins for beer donations that will go towards resources for our education program.


CHRIS THOMAS of Culture Clubbing. Perhaps best know for his role as Senior Regional Captain over at Trolley'd, Chris moonlights as a keen kombucha brewer and infuser.  Described as the "Socialist Kombucha Wing of Trolley'd", Culture Clubbing brews intense and unique flavours of kombucha to serve at events, often with locally foraged ingredients and with an insistence on good gut cultures.

GILLIAN KOZICKI is the passion behind Cultured Artisans. She empowers people to engage in their wellness journey, sharing her love of home prepared, fermented and whole foods - foods that support our good health and wellbeing. Gillian has a passion for fermenting as a connective skill. Making connections to like-minded individuals, the wider community, across generations, to her food and the soil in which it is grown. Science and research are connecting the dots of gut health and fermentation to what Hippocrates stated generations ago: “Food is medicine, and medicine is food.”

Your other panelists include PIERO PIGNATTI MORANO, sourdough enthusiast and owner of Pizza Madre as well as one of the brewers from our friends over at YOUNG HENRYS who’ll be covering all things beer related!


Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers, distillers, musicians and artists, united for the love of good beer and fine gin.

Earlier Event: December 1
Later Event: December 6